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A discount rate mortgage offers a percentage discount from the lender's normal variable rate for a set period of time.

When the standard variable rate fluctuates, the discount will remain fixed, and the rate you pay will fluctuate.

What are discounted mortgages?

Discounted mortgages offer customers the opportunity to pay a discounted interest rate for a set period of time. Our discounted mortgages guarantee you’ll pay a set discount below our standard variable mortgage rate for an agreed number of years, so you get the benefits of paying a lower monthly amount. For the discounted rate period, you’ll have more money in your pocket to finance decorating, improve the garden or simply treat yourself to something new. So, if you want to keep your monthly repayments at a lower level for the initial years of your mortgage, a mortgage with a discount rate could be for you.

There are different discount rate terms to suit your circumstances and once you reach the end of the period you revert to paying our standard variable rate.

At Mortgage Help Centre we offer a number of discounted mortgages that vary in duration and repayment terms.

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